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Art forms
Art forms 1970

Comment by Ian Milliss

Although I was influenced and encouraged by  the way conceptual art was developing throughout the world my own experiments were not necessarily leading in exactly the same direction. In particular I had little sympathy with the Duchampian style appropriations that were developing which I saw as both intellectually lazy and dishonest, the art world stealing the creativity of others. I later exempted Imants Tillers from this judgement, I greatly admire the way his work captures something particular about much of Australian art, its tendency to treat art from elsewhere as its subject.  It fits with my belief that Autralians don't like art much, but they do like things that look like art. Anyway, I began this series of work, often clearly derivative,  to explore some of the ideas that had come up in order to work out if there was anything there that I could take further. On the whole there wasn't much although I later developed some of these ideas in entirely different ways. This is only a small random sample of the hundreds that I produced but many have been destroyed and most are now damaged to some extent. The form is a joke on the idea of "art forms" but also on official art - this is officially art because it has been done on the correct form, that's what matters in a bureaucracy and art bureaucracies are no different to any other bureaucracies.